OPEN CALL- The Residency Talk - CONA


with Rowan Geddis (Director of Programs,Gasworks)on Residencies at Gasworks

4th february 2013.

on panel with Rowan were - Diana Campbell (Director of Creative India Foundation), Shreyas Karle (Creative Director of CONA & Sandarbh) & Ritesh Meshram (former artist at Gasworks)

The Gasworks Residency Programme was established in 1994 to provide international artists with the opportunity to work in London for a period of up to three months. The focus of these residencies remains on process, research and the exchange of ideas through practice. Gasworks also addresses the need to provide opportunities for artists whose work falls outside of normal studio based practices or object-based outcomes.

The Creative India Foundation was founded in August 2010 to promote awareness of Indian art and culture and enhance its appreciation throughout the world. The Foundation has been instrumental in promoting Indian art to major institutions around the world, facilitating creative exchanges and supporting Indian participation in residency programmes. The Foundation's activities to date have been part of the development of India's first international sculpture park which is slated to open in 2015.

Ritesh Meshram began as a painter and subsequently experimented with different media including sculpture, sound video as well as site specific installations. One of his recent site specific works was at Sandarbh residency’s Jaipur Chapter in 2012. Ritesh’s 2012 residency at Gasworks was also in collaboration with Creative India.

Shreyas Karle has the perspective of both, an artist in residence as well as a residency organiser. Being the director of Sandarbh which has carved its own place among residency programmes over the past ten years, and having been to various residencies such as the Pro Helvetia residency at Rote Fabrik, Zurich in 2012. Shreyas will be the next artist in residence at Gasworks, from April to June.

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