Creative India's Public Art Intensive with David Brooks - CONA

Creative India Public art intensive begins at CONA

During David Brooks open talk he showed a presentation of some significant examples of public art projects from all over the world, and also spoke on some of his works, his approach to public art. The following day saw each participant present their proposals, and the 3rd day was of more intensive, one-on-one sessions with individual participants.

The three day intensive workshop was the first in a series of such mentorship sessions over the year-long program, during which the participants will be taken through a process of developing their proposed ideas in an all-round structure, with artists, curators, commissioners, city authorities and other experts.

List of future workshops-

  • Pavlo Pivi (artist, Alaska)
  • Jitish Kallat (artist,Mumbai)
  • Shilpa Gupta (artist,Mumbai)
  • Helen Pheby (Curator, Yorkshire Sculpture park)
  • C.A.M.P (Ashok Sukumaran & Shaina Anand- Artist-researchers, Mumbai)

List of Artist shortlisted for the Intensive-

  • Anjana Chetty
  • Apnavi Thacker
  • Bhuvanesh Gowda
  • Garima Jayadevan
  • Indrajit Prasad
  • Jayant Jadhav
  • Mrugen Rathod
  • Poonam Jain
  • Rupali Patil
  • Saju Kunhan

David Brooks

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