PITHIYA & RAHAL - Bilingual Talk - CONA

The two artist session at cona was planned a double edged sword event-

  • Introducing Ramesh Pithiya as CONA's first Indian artist in residency for the Passing Through residency program.
  • Sahej Rahal, the talk of the town- with his first solo Forerunner was to be questioned for his young yodaistic language in the solo.

As a result of these two people coming together gave rise to rather under the skin queries with the likes of Girish slipping in and out of the conversations. Shreyas & Hemali the ex-faculty (like the pillars of the lost arch) were equipped with a list of thoughts for their ex-student rahal.

Pithiya on the other hand was trying to do justice to the bilingual nature of the conversation with a desi touch to his English. He was so convincing that he reminded Girish of Mr.Gupta himself.

Pithiya did try to raise some valid issues that were mostly answered by Sahej’s associates.

This was one hell of a discussion taking place in Mumbai after a long- long time.

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