The CONA carpooling idea-
People, here’s what we propose-

We usually take our vehicle when we are traveling to town and ask friends if they want to come along. This journey then doesn’t just become a road travel rather it become a mobile space of dialogues. We usually leave early from Borivali, at around 7 to avoid traffic or we leave at 12, after traffic hours. And on our return we try to leave Churchgate by 9ish (I.S.T). So the next time we are planning a trip, will put a status message on facebook, with the time and those interested please get in touch with us via phone.

The intention of this carpooling is to have a healthy conversation in the fast lane of Mumbai and also accomplish individual agendas once we reach our destinations. Even if you are in town and planning to head back home and it happens to be in the route of the journey, your welcome to join.

Happy riding.

p.s.-The 7 a.m journey makes a pit stop for hot idlis at Matunga.

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