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CONA is pleased to announce it's first International Artist -in -residence, REBECCA CHESNEY. Rebecca, a British artist, shall commence her residency at CONA from November 5th to 30th December 2013. This has been kindly supported by the Triangle Arts Network, thus hereby marking our inclusion in Triangle Art Network program.

Rebecca is interested in how we perceive land: how we romanticise, translate and define urban and rural spaces.
Looking at how politics, ownership, management and commercial value all influence our surroundings and have made extensive investigations into the impact of human activities on nature and the environment. 

Exploring the blurred boundaries between science and folklore, her work is also concerned with how our understanding of species is fed by this confused mix of truth and fiction. Her projects take the form of installations, interventions, drawings, maps and walks and are underpinned by research into the protection of the environment, conversations with scientists and a desire to make work specific to chosen locations.


CONA's view on invited residency programs.

Residency projects, wherein our location and the neighborhood have instigated these concerns and this would be ideal for us as an initiative to maneuver, intervene and invade through mundane without violating. We are currently located close to the national park, wherein there is close proximity from the natural habitat /wildlife here.

In the past there have been many instances of Leopards crossing over and the residents still recollect their encounters/experiences. We, at CONA also have had to confront snakes on occasions so this itself lends itself to investigations into the impact of human activities on nature and the environment, especially when there is so much hue and cry about encroachments within the park.

Hence in relation to this, we were hoping to invite a UK based artist called Rebecca Chesney, who has been working in this field by researching extensively into the habitats of bees, recording the sounds of the birds and also inventing new ones thus juggling between truth and fiction.

She has mostly shown within her own country, so it would be great to invite her over to India, where she could explore a different environment all together and look beyond her comfort zone as well.

This residency is supported by Triangle Art Network and will take place for two months starting from November 2013.


About Triangle Arts Network:

Triangle is an international network of artists and arts organisations that promotes exchange of ideas and innovation within the contemporary visual arts. Through artist-led workshops, residencies, exhibitions and outreach events, the network generates peer-to-peer learning, professional development for artists and the dissemination of emerging international art practices.

Established in 1982, Triangle Network responds to the need of artists and arts organisations to communicate with one another in order to share ideas, skills and experiences. These links enable partners to play a unique role in connecting the local and the international art scenes, challenging insularity, creating further opportunities for artists and placing themselves at the forefront of the debates on international arts practice.

The Triangle network is constantly expanding and currently has over 30 partners across the world. It is particularly active in countries where the arts infrastructure is limited, and encourages exchanges across social, political and economic barriers, in countries including: Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Cuba, India, Jordan, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK. With a track record of activities spanning almost three decades, Triangle Network is currently developing a series of projects aimed at ensuring the long-term reach and sustainability of the network and generating greater public engagement in the contemporary visual arts.

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