Passing Through- Renuka Rajiv - CONA

Cona Foundation in collaboration with Inlaks India Foundation and Chatterjee & Lal is pleased to announce the selection of Renuka Rajiv for the PASSING THROUGH residency 2014. Renuka's work tends to be drawing centric,usually with spontaneous thoughts. It fluctuates between figurative and abstraction, between observation and imagination. Layering tends to be a regular part of her process to conceal what is unsatisfactory.

for more info and images on Renuka's process, please check-

Renuka will be spending six weeks at Cona which will also include the mentor ship program with selected mentors. Chatterjee & Lal will also serve as a valuable space for informal talks and discussions. We are thankful to both Inlaks India Foundation and Chatterjee & Lal for their support towards this program.


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