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Print Studio at CONA


The Print Studio at CONA has been setup with the aim of looking into various analogue, and semi-analogue printing techniques.

The space has facilities of an etching press, a hot plate, basic setup for screen-printing, and facility to make woodcut prints.

We invite creative practitioners working in the medium of Printmaking to use the CONA premise and look forward to have possible collaborations for the same.

The following are the charges for the use of the print studio

  • 1 day:- 300
  • 1 Month:- 5000

CONA provides significant concessions to students and practitioners who would want to make use of the space but are facing financial constraints.

Studio Sessions and Workshops:-

As a part of the print studio program, we are developing weekend studio sessions, which would be conducted by a master-printmaker, who would initiate the participants in the medium of printmaking. These sessions are designed to develop a classroom like situation, wherein a regular interactive scenario is facilitated. We would like to invite interested participants as well as practitioners who would be willing to conduct such sessions.

As a part of this endeavour, CONA is inviting printmakers who are experimenting and pushing the barriers of existing techniques to bring forth innovation in their processes. These workshops will hence add a new dimension to the research into printmaking and provide for an ever challenging atmosphere. We invite interested participants for these workshops. Further, we would invite those practitioners (working in the print medium) interested to conduct such workshops to send in their portfolios.

Publications and Printing:-

The Print Studio also has a risograph machine, which acts as a semi-automatic/semi-analogue machine which works as an automated option of screen-printing technique. The risograph machine is especially useful towards making publications, zines, etc.

Learn and Research:-

In addition to this, we have developed some connections with the local letterpress printer, with whom we are working on a collaborative project. We would like to invite interested people who would be willing to research and/or work with this analogue printing medium.

Kindly send in your portfolios or ask for updates on


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