Pro-Helvetia: Artist in Residence | Gilles Aubry
12 January 2013

Gilles Aubry

Aubry is a sound artist based in Berlin since 2002. His artistic practice is based on an auditory approach of the real informed by researches on cultural and historical aspects of sound production and reception. Combining ethnography, critical discourse and formal experiments, Aubry's work somehow fits in the Western tradition of art documentary. His sonic images (phonographies) of more or less identified situations stand as an attempt to challenge problematic aspects of visual representations. Aubry has produced installations, essays, compositions and performances for numerous international art museums, radio stations and festivals

About the event

Gilles Aubry was Pro-Helvetia’s first Artist-in Residence at CONA, Mumbai, from Jan 7 – Feb 16, 2013. On Jan 12 he presented two films, Pluie de Feu produced by himself and Notes towards a film about India by Pier Pasolini, followed by intensive discussions.

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