KATCONA Print Studio

With the intent to set up a full-scale analogue print studio, we in this process, were able to bring together an etching press and a semi analogue Riso printer to the studio. In addition to this, we have been able to establish connections with the local Letterpress printer. One of the practitioners at KATCONA has been able to formulate a working relation with the letterpress studio and is keen to develop her practice with learning that form of print as it slowly disappears under the shadow of the digital. KATCONA has set up a separate space to initiate an in-house print studio. 

This would lead us to make an intervention in this vacuum in writing about Printmaking practices. Writing on printmaking is largely restricted to a connoisseurship format. It seldom ventures into the aesthetics or poetics of the medium and its applicability. We are looking into this space because these techniques become even more important to not only the ecosystem of a particular space and culture but also as means to open a trajectory of articulation for younger practitioners. We are looking at this space of change, impact, and influence by observing printmaking techniques as their nodality.

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