Listening, Learning and Living- 01 February 2018 | Aveek Sen
01 February 2018

We are very excited to share details of our first classroom programme under the mentorship of Aveek Sen which will commence on 01st February and go on until the 22nd. This course will take place at the CONA Foundation, Mumbai. The course mainly entails working with the music collection of Musicologist Dr. Sheryar Ookerjee's hundreds of LPs donated to us by his daughter and son-in-law. The mentorship is around the idea of the archive, what becomes of such a collection when it looses its original owner. What is the idea of value within such a collection. We are also trying to look into music and its relationship with human emotions, music and films, music and the domestic, music and distraction, music and the space, the individual and collective in music, the human voice, music and class, music and the geography of the city and musical structures. 

Within this larger one month mentorship programme, there will be many one day sessions with Indian and western classical musicians based in Bombay who run their own academies, who have their own rare archives and have been associated with the All India Radio, which is known to have its own massive archive of both Indian and Western classical music. Also as part of this programme, we shall be having a guest lecture by an expert who deals in LPs and has a keen interest in Jazz and karnatic music. 

Archivists, music students, designer, visual artists and writers can apply.

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