Khanabadosh | CONA
14 April 2013

Gitanjali Dang 

A curator, writer, researcher and shapeshifter based out of Mumbai, Gitanjali founded the itinerant arts lab Khanabadosh in 2012. Her criticism and articles have appeared in leading local and international publications including Nafas Art Magazine, Art Papers, The Times of India, Frieze and  Art-Agenda. She has lectured and presented papers at Kunst Museum Thun, Switzerland and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi, among others. Since January 2014, she is a research associate at Zurich University of the Arts’- Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR).

Mona Gandhi

Mona lives in Mumbai. Her inquiry into food - natural & industrial - deepens her engagement with local & sustainable food systems. Through the world of raw, plant-based foods, she explores connections between people & the planet. She participates in community experiments across geography & culture. Her life’s experience is a synthesis of practices such as community greening, non-violent communication, body & intimacy & gift-culture - in which value is built by paying forward acts of generosity.

About Khanabadosh

Khanabadosh is an itinerant arts lab founded in Mumbai in 2012 by curator and writer Gitanjali Dang. Defining the ‘aboutness’ of Khanabadosh is an existential crisis no less. It can, however, be said with some certainty that Khanabadosh lives off latitude, magic, and agnosticism. It is interested in everything. It is particularly interested in constantly rethinking what it - and everything around it - is about.


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