That's It | Joelle Tuerlinckx & Christoph Fink
22 April 2015

Joelle Tuerlinckx

Joelle Tuerlinckx is a Belgian visual artist who began her international career in 1994 by participating in major international group and solo exhibitions. Her site-specific practice often focuses on the formal properties of gallery spaces, the role of museums, and it's relationship to their communities. Her work is distinguished by a unique sensual and transient approach and a precise use of materials, colours, and abstract shapes, culminating in expansive, complex installations.  While rigorous in its artistic methodology, Tuerlinckx's work engages viewer's perception and senses. Her exhibitions function as containers in which the visitors encounter spaces through the artworks that inhabit and represent them. 

Christoph Fink

Christoph Fink is a Belgian artist born in 1963. He has had numerous exhibitions and participated in internationally-renowned biennials, including the Venice biennale. He has also authored a wide variety of performances and publications. His work mainly revolves around movement and travel. He questions people’s relationship to their environment and explores the links between space and time using novel approaches that combine varied methods, sources and data with rigour and thoroughness that are rarely observed in the arts and are reminiscent of scientific approaches.

About the workshop

Joelle Tuerlinckx & Christoph Fink were invited on a residency to CONA Foundation from 16th April to 01st May. This residency was supported by Flanders. State of the Art, Wallonie-Bruxelles International & Jhaveri Contemporary. During the residency, they conducted a workshop with a group of participants wherein each day there were a series of exercises through sound, text, costumes and spacial explorations in the vicinity. All these recordings, visual documentation was overlapped as a part of the culmination stint within the construct of the then existing exhibition at Project 88, Colaba. Within the period of the residency, there were multiple presentations by both Joelle and Christoph about their own individual practice and what each one brought to this collaborative project, THAT’S IT.

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